Naomi Project

Our volunteer mentors at our March 2017 Training

About The Naomi Project

Naomi Project LogoThe Naomi Project is a volunteer-based program that matches at-risk pregnant or newly parenting women with trained mentors who are committed to promoting healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Mentors work with women to foster good parenting skills; promote parental bonding; facilitate well baby/child medical appointments and immunizations; connect women to appropriate social services and other family services; and place women on a path to self-sufficiency for her and her family.  In the continuum of care for pre/post-natal care in Northern Virginia, the Naomi Project serves a niche population that otherwise would go unserved because they do not fit within the criteria of other area programs.

There are five (5) Naomi Project program priorities:  

  1. Prenatal Education 
  2. Baby’s Growth and Development (including immunizations and reading to baby) 
  3. Client’s Support System and Personal Needs (including depression and food insecurity) 
  4. Baby/Child Safety 
  5. Safe Sleep 

In 2014, the Naomi Project became a program of Britepaths because both organizations have a shared goal of guiding local individuals and families in need toward self-sufficiency and personal responsibility and empowerment. We are grateful to the Giving Circle of Hope for providing a grant that has made this partnership possible, and to the Shepherd's Gate Grant Program for providing current funding.

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